Tom Bate

Famous Five Have A Mystery To Solve
Game Design Doc

Game Flow

The game will start off with a very descriptive cut scene which will introduce the five and Wilfred and then their conversation with Lucas about the mysterys of whispering island. After this, the game kicks in bringing the Five onto Whispering island where there will be a path leading up from the beach, there will be a tutorial style introduction where the game teaches you how to use the Xbox 360 controller and what button does what. This part of the game will be a very quick walk through of about 2minutes or so. There will be tutorials for each one of the game elements so as the player knows in what situations to use each mechanic. The first tutorial will be to show walking and looking, the second will be to duck and crouch, thirdly to jump, then how to pick up an item and use it in a lock.

The next part of game play will be after Julian has climbed down the well, there will be a maze style map of passageways and secret passageways. The aim will be to find a key to open a big door which “interests” Julian and is obvious that that is the way forward in the game. Once the key has been found, the user will be able to progress into the next room beyond the locked door, this should take roughly a further two or three minutes. After you have gone and found the room with the treasure, you must escape before the men find you. Going back to the rest of the five, you must tell them of your findings.

The final part of the game which will take the remaining time, will finding the other entrance to the secret passage ways, there will be a few trick turns and hidden gold to find, but ultimately, the aim is to lock the men into the treasure room so that they can be caught by the police. To do this, you must find a way to lure the two men into the treasure room then lock the door behind them.

Mapping and Ideas

First Level Map:-


Second Level Maze

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