UDE Tutorial


For those who have Unreal Anthology, or just have UT2K4 installed somewhere other than the default dir, you may have trouble getting UDE to install or run correctly

You will need the following 2 resources;

UDE Software
Registry Checker

If .uT4MOD files are associated with unreal, you should be able to double click the file, and follow the instructions.
If not, then extract the file to your unreal system folder, and in the same folder create a new notepad doc.
Enter (or copy/paste) the following into it;

setup.exe install ude3005.ut4mod


Save this file as Install.bat
All being well, you can run install.bat, and the UDE will install itself in a subfolder of the system dir.

Try and run UDE. If you receive an error message (something about mis-installation/re-install) then follow the next steps

Reg Fix
As with any program that modifies the registry, you should create a registry backup before-hand - I WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY ADVERSE EFFECTS; you have been warned after all

Extract and Run UT2KxRegCheck10.exe
Click the UT 2004 tab
Click Allow Changes, and select your language from the drop down box
Click Insert
I did not need to restart, although it is probably advisable

Somewhat laborious i realise, but UDE includes a debugger - something all us coders should be thankful for! - and is somewhat comparable to Visual Studios.

Maybe somebody could add a full User Guide here at some point??

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