UnCodeX Tutorial


Don't know how everyone else got on with doing this task from home, but i had a LOT of trouble trying to access the code base. The good news is I found a rather simple solution…

1. Firstly you will need to download, and unpack, 2 .zip files.
The first contains UNCodeX 237- Beta. It is important that you use this version, DO NOT USE THE RELEASE VERSION FROM THE UNICODEX WEBSITE.
The second zip contains the Source Files.

2. After unpacking these to a relevant directory (I used Program Files for UnCodeX, and unpacked the source to a subfolder of that), run UnCodeX.
If it's your first launch of UnCodeX, then you will be prompted to run settings, otherwise these can be accessed by pressing Ctrl+S.

3. Once in settings, select 'source paths' on the left, and then choose 'add' from the middle. Browse your local drive to locate the folder you unpacked the source to. Select it then click OK. Click OK again to save your settings.

4. Finally, selecting Tree/Rebuild Tree, will load the source into UnCodeX.

You'll prob see a few warnings related to unprioritised packages. These don't seem to effect your view of things, so can largely be ignored.
You can tick all the boxes in this panel under 'Settings' to solve the warnings (thanks goes to Matt Fordham for this fix);


Whilst probably a bit late for this particular assignment, I do hope people will find this useful on the road to completing their TC.
Chris Fisher

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