Will Kennard

Some work from my GDD:

Where does the game take place?
The game takes place in the main location of the book Five go to Smugglers Top by Enid Blyton, which is the Home of Mr Lenoir on Smugglers Top.
What do I control?
You will control the character from the books, George, and use her to attempt to try and find clues. The main focus of the game is based around clues and hidden passages; the player must use the world around them as a guide to reach certain goals and overcome obstacles.

Story and Speech – Cinematics
At the start-up of the game, a small introduction to the story will be shown in written form on the screen. This will be a summary of the events which have happened up to the point the player is about to engage in, and will be a lot like the following:
“Julian, Dick, Anne, George and the faithful dog Timmy are the Famous Five.
Always on a new adventure, The Famous Five have been staying with a friend of George’s father; Mr Lenoir, and his son Sooty, on the exciting island of Smugglers Top.
Many suspicious things have been happening during their stay; people creeping around in the old signal tower at night, lights in the marsh, strange behaviour from a local, Mr Barling, and poor little Timmy has gotten lost in the old secret tunnels of Smugglers Top!”

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